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Bahrain in positive media glare said Elite Group COO
01 : 17 AM - 22/04/2012
Manama, April 21 (BNA) --Bahrain has attracted much media attention with the hosting of the Gulf Air Bahrain 2012 Formula One Grand Prix, said the Chief Operating Officer of the Elite Group, Sarosh Ibara.
The event has given a hugely positive impact of Bahrain to the international community, he said. “There are media outfits staying with the Elite Group and they are pleasantly surprised at the ground realities when compared with the picture pained earlier,” he said.
The overall situation on the ground, the infrastructure in place for the races, the outlook of the country are all conveying a very positive story to the international community, said Ibara.
“An event such as this results in $1200 daily spend by each visitor on a global basis. I am sure the figures for Bahrain are the same as well. The impact on the economy is very clear,” he added.
As for the Elite Group, over 90 per cent of the room allotted have been occupied, said the said the COO. “Our arrangements have been appreciated and rated positive by the guests. This in effect is expected to impact tourism in the country,” he added.
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