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Nabeel Rajab Stands Trial
10 : 13 PM - 06/05/2012
Manama-May 6-(BNA)Senior Attorney Abdulrahman Al-Sayyed today announced that Nabeel Ahmed Abdul Rasul Rajab had appeared before the Lower Criminal Court to face charges.

The Public Prosecution filed a case against the defendant after compiling compelling evidence of his involvement in inciting illegal rallies and marches online on social networking websites.

Police investigation has also revealed that the defendant's cyber incitement proved detrimental as they fuelled rioting, road blocking, arsons, acts of sabotage targeting public and private properties, in addition to the use of Molotov cocktail incendiary bombs.

The inquiry has also revealed compelling evidence on the defendant's role in instigating, online, acts targeting policemen whilst on duty, leaving some of them injured.

The defendant stood the trial, in the presence of his lawyer, but he refused to answer the questions about the charges leveled against him, saying that he does not recognize the court.

The Interior Ministry had filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution against the accused who posted defamatory and humiliating depictions of the public security forces.
He was first summoned before he was arrested after refusing to appear before the Public Prosecution to face counts of charges leveled against him

Appearing before the Lower Criminal Court today, he admitted posting the defamatory and humiliating material on his account, refusing, however, to answer detailed questions.
The Lower Criminal ordered him to be held in custody for seven days pending investigation, accusing him of defaming an official authority.

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