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Letter to UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
12 : 27 PM - 29/05/2012
Manama: May 29 -- (BNA) Anwar Abdulrahman, editor-in-chief of a widely-circulated Arabic-speaking Bahraini daily newspaper (Akhbar Al-Khaleej) wrote an editorial letter today to the Honorable UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon denouncing recent false allegations by the chief of the UN Human Rights Watchdog.

Below BNA quotes the exact and entire rendering of Akbhar Al-Khaleej's original Arabic letter from the English-speaking Gulf Daily News (abbreviated as "GDN":-

((Dear Sir, We wish to condemn the unprecedented statement by your Human Rights Council president Laura Dupuy Lasserre, that Bahraini individuals not associated with the government, who took part in the UN's Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, had been threatened.

This is an appalling suggestion which has shocked not only ourselves in Bahrain's national Press, but also honorable representatives of many countries attending that session.
Our big question is WHY? Is she ill-informed, or is she totally ignorant about Bahrain and the rights of freedom of expression existing in this country?

For your information, free speech, participation in rallies, television and radio interviews by those calling themselves NGOs or opposition is so taken for granted here as to be almost out of control, even by European standards.

Therefore, her accusation that Bahrain's authorities are threatening such participants is not only empty, void and baseless, but reveals a worrying lack of awareness and even naivety by someone in such a crucial position.

I personally attended this year various sessions in Geneva and discovered to my dismay that the UN's corridors there are infiltrated, under the cover of human rights, by a small army of ideologists deliberately propagating misleading information to United Nations officials.
In fact, the situation has become so grave that if the UN wants to maintain its impartiality and trustworthiness, it should form a team to filter truth from lies, facts from fiction, and propaganda from reality.

Just imagine, at one of the sessions I attended to discuss Bahrain, its chairman was an Iranian citizen and member of that country's theocracy based in London! When we met the representative from Britain, he personally advised us to be available more often in Geneva to counter allegations by such people and to meet other representatives of different nations, especially the leading ones, to present our point of view.

At one gathering, a female French physician objected to her name having been mentioned as a witness to events at Salmaniya Medical Complex during last year's crisis. She said that she had never visited Bahrain and knew little about the true situation, but was merely interested in anything to do with human rights. More than that, she asked me personally not to mention her name because she never sought publicity.

It was President Lasserre's duty, before uttering a single word about this matter, to have at least made sure of the facts via Bahrain's UN office and with officials at the Ministry of Interior, thus abiding by the principles of neutrality and objectivity.

Many terrorist organizations today operate under the guise of human rights organizations, but as Bahrain's Minister of Interior said: "The law is the guarantor of human rights, but we should bear in mind that human rights organizations are not above the law."

To make our point very clear, the UN should have checks and balances in place to ensure that it knows the background of any individual participating in such conferences or sessions. This is surely not difficult to arrange?

What President Laura Dupuy Lasserre said has stained and damaged the reputation of a country doing its best to maintain individual freedoms to the highest level. If that were not the case, such people would not have been able to leave the country and reach Geneva, let alone return without being stopped, harassed, questioned or interrogated.

Honorable Ban Ki-moon, freedom is man's sanctity. Misusing it is very costly. Believing that you are holding a position which represents the conscience of nations and humanity, we see it as your duty to investigate this transgression by one of your senior officials.

And as a footnote to this, you yourself sir are aware that at the entrance to the UN's Hall of Nations in New York is a fragment written almost 800 years ago by Persian poet and philosopher Saadi Shirazi, which describes the rights of humanity in its broadest context:-

"Of one Essence is the human race, thus has Creation put the Base;
One Limb impacted is sufficient, for all others to feel the Mace."

Secretary General, we beg you to stop your irresponsible officials "impacting" on Bahrain's integrity.))

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