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Ali Hassan ordered by court to be monitored by a social worker
03 : 06 PM - 05/07/2012
Manama, July 5. (BNA) The competent authorities have announced today that 11- year-old Ali Hassan should be allowed to return to his parents' home where he shall be monitored for a span of one year by a social worker so as to ensure his safety and wellbeing.

The Juveniles' Court ruled in favor of monitoring the boy for a period of one year and a social worker to visit him each 6 months. No community service was ordered.

The boy was apprehended on the spot on May 14 and remanded for his involvement in blocking public roads on three separate occasions over the course of an afternoon (May 13th). After an initial meeting with Juvenile Authorities in the presence of the boy's mom, he was taken to a Juveniles' Care Center wherein he stayed until June 11th and received social services and tutoring for his schoolwork.

Hassan, who had already returned to the family home, was accompanied to court today by his parents, lawyers and human rights activists. (IY)

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