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South Korea to reconsider withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan
01 : 36 PM - 12/07/2012
Seoul: July 12 -- (BNA) South Korea declared that it is considering an early withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan as early as by next year.

The Korean News Agency (Yonhap) quoted government officials as saying that the mission of South Korean military unit will be called off by the end of this year (2012) meanwhile other countries are expected to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan.

According to South Korean government officials, there will be a gradual pullout but exigency calls for retaining some forces in order to protect relief workers aka the "regional reconstruction team".

The same officials accentuated that a final decision will be made after re-studying the local situation and steps taken by other countries.

The South Korean reconstruction team was dispatched in 2010 and scheduled to continue to work in Afghanistan until 2014. ((IY))

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