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Romney avoids Paul Ryan's proposed financial scheme
12 : 28 PM - 13/08/2012
Washington, DC: August 13 – (BNA) US Presidential contender, Mitt Romney, has kept aloof from the financial scheme proposed by his running mate, Paul Ryan, in order to safeguard himself from any criticism by supporters of his democratic contestant, President Barack Obama.
Paul Ryan, the influential congressman from Wisconsin State, set up a plan to rectify the financial situation, including big deductions from the budget and stricter control over expenditures in order to cope with high levels of debt and public spending, described by his party as intolerable. However, Romney declined to explicitly speak about Ryan's financial program.
Romney, in a join t TV interview with Ryan explained that he had his own plan for the budget and that he would continue his campaign on the basis of this plan.

Many observers described the selection of Ryan as Romney's running mate as a brave decision which entails risk, pointing gout that this decision re-focuses the US electioneering campaign on the debt crisis and financial deficit at a time when the USA is sluggishly rebounding.

Paul Ryan's proposals included revising the elderly health insurance scheme which is considered as a political impasse besides adopting the coupons' system which allows pensioners to choose either to obtain a special medical coverage or the conventional program.

Ryan asserted that there would be no change for current pensioners or soon would be pensioners however that change will be made available for the younger generation who will have the opportunity to pick from more options in future. (IY)
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