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HM the King addresses Bahraini citizens on occasion of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan
11 : 28 AM - 15/08/2012

Manama: August 15 -- (BNA) His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa addressed Bahraini citizens on marking the occasion of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan. In his speech yesterday, HM the King affirmed his commitment to progress, prosperity, good governance and laying down the foundations of genuine democracy within the framework of our values, principles, and national tenets.

His Majesty the King also recognized the role that dialogue has played in the past and the role it can play in shaping the Kingdom’s future and progress towards democracy, stating that “numerous past experiences taught us that dialogue is the path which helps achieve our hopes and aspirations.

It is through dialogue that we have unified our patriotic stances in the face of any external threat or interference. Through dialogue we have laid down appropriate foundations for our constitutional system. We have even written our constitution together.

Also through dialogue, we concurred on our National Charter and modernization of the Constitution. In the past year, the National Dialogue succeeded in accomplishing many of our socio-political aspirations building on what we had already achieved continuing to build on what we have already achieved.”

His Majesty also commended the unified and patriotic stance of citizens in the face of the difficult challenges endured this year, stating, “We have been quite alert and well aware of hostile ambitions that could come from without the country. However, we are not unaware of our internal problems and we have always striven to solve and overcome them like other countries that respect their peoples and seek what is in their best interest and welfare”.

“We diligently seek to solve our people’s problems and improve their conditions and raise their standards without any discrimination or exclusion of anybody under the rule of law, social justice and the principles of true citizenship”, adding that “the Kingdom has become a nation of institutions that guarantees and maintains rights, the law, the constitution and separation between authorities, democracy and human rights”.

His Majesty the King also spoke of the occasion of convening the OIC Extraordinary Summit in Mecca and reiterated that the Palestinian issue is the central issue for joint Islamic action and that it is imperative to work towards finding a comprehensive, permanent just solution for the issue. He also expressed concern for the violence in Syria stating that it has become imperative to seriously contemplate the situation in all of its dimensions and stressed the need to pool down efforts of the international community in order to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis and bring the violence to an end, restoring and preserving the unity and cohesiveness of the Syrian people. (LB/IY)
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