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GCC Council Condemns Iranian Translation Blunder
11 : 38 PM - 02/09/2012

Jeddah-Sept2(BNA) Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa today lauded the GCC ministerial Council for condeming the flagrant tampering committed by the Iranian First TV Channel deliberately replacing Syria by Bahrain in the Persian translation of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’ speech in the 16th Non-Aligned Summit, which opened on August 30 in Tehran.

Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa gave an account on the flagrant distortion as he attended the 124th session of the GCC ministerial council in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Deputy Foreign minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdulla Al-Saud chaired the meeting which was attended by GCC foreign ministers and Secretary General Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani.
In a statement issued tonight, the council slammed the irresponsible distorted translation as flouting probity and established norms.
The delegations discussed the General Secretariat’s reports featuring member states’ feedback on moving from the stage of GCC cooperation to the phase of federation.
The session also discussed key regional and international political issues, reiterating firm rejection of the Iranian occupation of the Emirati islands Greater and Lesser tunbs and Abu Musa, affirming the UAE inalienable sovereignty over the three occupied islands as well as its territorial waters.
The council urged Tehran authorities to settle the dispute through negotiations or referral of the case to the International Court of Justice.
It condemned Israel for continuing its repressive settlement policies, setting up new settlement outposts and defacto changes on the voicing support for the Palestinian Authority in its bid to seek the status of non-UN member state.
The council voiced deep concerns over the dangerous escalation in Syria, condemning the atrocities and bloodshed targeting innocent Syrian people.
It also slammed Damascus regime for using heavy weapons, including fighters, tanks and artillery to massacre people, calling on the international community to assume its responsibilities and protect civilians.

The statement stressed the importance of protecting the security, stability, sovereignty and unity of Lebanon, calling on all parties to heed high national interests and foil any attempts to disrupt Lebanese security and stability and draw their country into the infernal Syrian cauldron.
The council condemned terror blasts targeting Yemen and busted spy cells, expressing support for the steps undertaken by President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to restructure his country’s armed forces.
It called on Baghdad Government to assume its responsibilities and consolidate Iraqi unity, stability and prosperity and build bridges of confidence with neighbouring countries. .
It also urged the need for Iraq to implement all the Un Security council resolutions, including the protection of demarcated boundaries between Kuwait and Iraq in line in the resolution 833.
The council also condemned the continuing persecution and atrocious ethnic cleansing targeting the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar, calling on the international community and regional and international NGOs and watchdogs to step the ordeal and provide humanitarian assistance for refuges and ethnic cleansing victims. AHN


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