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Bahrain High Court of Appeal condemns 14 accused of conspiracy
12 : 48 PM - 04/09/2012
Manama: Sept. 4 -- (BNA) The Bahraini High Court of Appeal confirmed today all verdicts issued versus 13 accused of participation in plotting to overthrow the regime and who had foreign intelligence contacts and breached the Constitution.

The court also convicted 6 of them on charges of establishing intelligence contacts with a foreign country to carry out hostile acts against the Kingdom of Bahrain. The court acquitted 2 others from the last charge.

Below are the verdicts issued versus the terror organization which have been confirmed by the High Court of Appeal:-

1- Abdulwahab Hussein Ahmed – life sentence.
2- Hassan Mushaimae' – life sentence.
3- Mohammed Habib – life sentence.
4- Abduljalil Ridha – life sentence.
5- Abduljalil Sinkees, life sentence.
6- Saeed Mirza – life sentence.
7- Abdulhadi al-Khawajah – life sentence.
8- Abdulhadi Mehdi – 15 years prison term.
9- Abdullah Mahroos – 15 years prison term.
10- Mohammed Jawad – 15 years prison term .
11- Mohammed Ismael – 15 years prison term .
12- Salah al-Khawajah – 5 years prison term .
13- Ebrahim Shareef – 5 years prison term.
14- Al-Har Yusuf Mohammed Al-Sumaikh - reduced from two years to 6 months prison term.

Earlier, the 14 accused appealed before the National Safety Court of Appeal which confirmed the verdict.

Subsequently, their defense lawyers objected before the Court of Cassation which accepted their appeal and adjudicated by referring the case to the High Court of Appeal to rule anew on the lawsuit.

The Bahrain High Court of Appeal has adjudicated in the appeal by amending the verdict issued versus convict No. 14, the so-called al-Har Yusuf Mohammed Al-Sumaikh by reducing his prison term from two years to 6 months. (IY)

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