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HRH Premier Praises UNHRC's Approval of Bahrain's Report
06 : 16 PM - 19/09/2012
Manama, Sept. 19. (BNA) – His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa today described the UN Human Rights Council(UNHRC)'s approval of the kingdom's Universal Periodic Review report as an honourable international legal achievement and a new proof of the government's success in every field, especially regarding the protection of human rights and dignity, stressing that it is a positive and explicit response to the attempts to distort Bahrain's rich legal record.
HRH Premier also said that the kingdom's honourable legal and humanitarian strides are a source of pride because support of human rights and basic liberties enjoys top priority in the government's daily work and practices.

The Prime Minister also affirmed that the kingdom tackles the legal issue transparently and objectively out of its full confidence in the soundness of the steps and procedures taken over the past years, adding that the endorsement of Bahrain's report testifies to the International Community's trust in the kingdom and respect for the successive positive steps it has taken to honour its commitments regarding the protection of human rights and dignity.

It also confirms the government's success in facing the attempts to disseminate fallacious information for the sake of distorting the kingdom's prosperous human rights achievements, adds to the country's rich human rights respect record and reflects its unwavering resolve to consolidate the human rights culture, HRH Premier also said, adding that the government's efforts to develop the nation and upgrade the citizens' living standards stem from its strong belief that development is an essential human right, which, he affirmed, gained the country international appraise

HRH Premier also commended the endeavours of the government to promote the human rights culture and principles, praising in this regard the key role played by NGOs which documented the kingdom's real positive human rights practices, and attended international gatherings to rectify the fallacious and misleading information about the human rights in the country.

The Premier also extended sincere thanks and appreciation to representatives of countries and organisations which backed the kingdom's stances and believed in the bold and unprecedented reform steps taken by Bahrain in a record time.

He also paid tribute to the government work team for its success to inform the word about the kingdom's huge positive legal achievements.

HRH Premier also thanked media and press persons and representatives of NGOs who attended the UN Human Rights Council's session and supported the kingdom's steps regarding the implementation of its recommendations.

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