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CEO of Quality Assurance Authority stresses the development of higher education
06 : 14 PM - 24/09/2012
Manama, September 24th (BNA) –The CEO of Quality Assurance Authority ( QAAET ), Jawaher Al Madhaki participated with a worksheet in the conference of the Cooperation and Economic Development Organization ( OECD ) held in Paris, France from 17 to 19 September 2012 under the title, “ Institutional Management of Higher Education.”

The CEO of ( QAAET ), Jawaher Al Madhaki stressed the role of the higher education in strengthening the comprehensive development efforts in Bahrain, pointing out that promoting development and improving that sector was one of the priorities of the development projects that were highly supported by the wise leadership.

During the conference, the CEO explained that higher education in the Gulf region witnessed a growth and a development in line with the development in all economic areas, highlighting that such growth had placed great challenges before the higher education sector to ensure its sustainability, in the light of the development and the requirements and world’s quality standards.

The CEO said that the region had witnessed an actual movement towards reinforcing the performance of higher education sector, particularly in line with the booming witnessed by the private higher education.

On the other hand, the CEO said that the movement strengthened the higher education prestige in the region, and ensured fulfilling the aspirations of improving the economic and development conditions through diversification of income resources, and reinforcing the role of the Gulf citizen in enhancing the wheel of development.

Dr. Al Madhaki considered the Kingdom’s experience in assuring the quality of higher education as an initiative that was first of its kind in the region, especially concerning the role of the authority’s reports which were issued independently from any party related to education, and directly following the Cabinet.

Dr. Al Madhaki presented in her worksheet before the conference, a detailed explanation about the higher education in the GCC countries in general, the common challenges those sectors were facing, as well as the possible development opportunities available, including Bahrain’s experience.

Dr. Al Madhaki highlighted that one of the most prominent challenges facing the private higher education in general in the region’s states was the keenness of the higher education institutions on the principle of profitability more than their care for quality standards, in addition that many of them were allowing low admission standards for students, and relied on non-academic and unqualified staff.

Dr. Al Madhaki also said that a great number of those private universities lacked a solid infrastructure, in addition to its lack of providing support to students.

Dr. Al Madhaki said that the Quality Assurance Authority had two types of reviews, one related to the institutional level and the other to the programmes, where the authority, which started with the establishment of the Authority in 2009, managed through those reviews to improve higher education.

Dr. Al Madhaki concluded that Bahraini experience in assuring the quality of higher education represented a regional model to be adopted.

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