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Interior Minister: All Rallies Are Banned until Security Is Maintained
12 : 14 PM - 30/10/2012

Manama, Oct. 30. (BNA) -- Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa affirmed on Monday that the state has strived in the previous phase to protect freedom of expression by allowing rallies and gatherings, but that privilege has been abused repeatedly by organizers’ violations and the participants’ lack of commitment to the legal regulations.

Those events were organized before by some political societies headed by Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.

He said that those violations were continuation of lawbreaking acts in February and March 2011, in which they extended to callings for the overthrowing of leading national figures and sovereignty of the state. He continued that those acts were devoid of respect and intended humiliation, hence they jeopardize civil peace and disturb security and general order. This, he said, couldn’t be accepted in any condition.

He said that rallies and gatherings have been associated with violence, rioting and attacks on public and private property that affected others and hindered public and private facilities, movements and commercial and economic sectors. They also were a major threat to the safety of the public.

The Minister said because of such violations that risk civil peace and provoked anger among many members of Bahraini society that are fed up with those violations, there was a need to put an end to them.

"The Interior Ministry has strived to tackle those violations through coordination with the organizers in many occasions, but they failed to control those events despite their promises," he added.

He said that it was decided to stop all rallies and gatherings until ensuring that security is maintained through achieving the targeted security to protect national unity and social fabric to fight extremism.

The Minister concluded that any illegal rally or gathering would be tackled through legal actions against those calling for it and participants, adding that anyone that would have a connection with such irregularities would be held accountable.

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