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Premier condemns today's sinful terrorist bomb explosions which killed two persons
03 : 35 PM - 05/11/2012

Manama: Nov. 5 -- (BNA) HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, has condemned today's sinful terrorist bomb blasts which resulted in the demise of two people and critically wounding a third victim.

HRH the Prime Minister emphasized that the culprits cannot escape from the hand of justice, and he directed the security directorate to intensify search and investigation operations to expedite the arresting of the terrorists and their instigators, and boosting security measures and taking more security precautions and controls to prevent terrorists from realizing their mean schemes.

HRH the Prime Minister expressed sincerest condolences and sympathy to the bereaved families of the victims of this terrorist act and wished speedy healing to the injured one. HRH the Prime Minister said that Bahrain remains invincible to terrorists and that the government won't allow spreading of chaos, sabotage or terrorism and will tackle them both with determination and decisiveness, and he assured that the protection of citizens and resident expatriate communities and providing them with security is the government's responsibility and that the government will promtoly take the necessary legal actions to ensure all that.

HRH the Prime Minister presided over a meeting and explored latest incidents which took place in some parts of the country.

HRH the Prime Minister emphasized that terrorist cells are alien in our Bahraini community and should be deracinated as there is no procrastination when it comes to security. The culprits who committed these heinous crimes will be dealt with severely and pursued and legal actions will be taken against them in compliance with provision of the anti-terror law.

HRH the Prime Minister asserted that the backers of these terrorist crimes are a misled faction who went astray out of the right path and who are satisfied with becoming hands or shovels of destruction. Justice and the law are sufficient to deter them, the Prime Minister added and civil society organizations are urged to support the government efforts in countering terrorism and uprooting the culture of terrorism. (IY)
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