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FFBTU condemns Bahrain terror blasts
08 : 05 PM - 05/11/2012
Manama, Nov. 5 (BNA)—The Free Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (FFBTU) strongly denounced today the terror blasts which happened in Manama today, killing two on-duty workers and leaving a third one seriously injured.
It said in a statement issued today that those acts aim to terrorize people, stressing that the wave of incitement against workers in Bahrain-be they Bahraini or expatriates-has always been the core of the political societies' action since the so called "February incidents", though they pretend their movement is peaceful.
It also added that those political societies tried to use workers as a fuel in its war against the Bahraini people and labour force in order to undermine the kingdom's economy and turn the people of Bahrain into victims of their political adventures.

After attempts to harm the national economy by preventing workers from attending their work places and blocking roads since March 13, 14 and 15, 2011 and after continuous incitement by political and religious groups against Bahrain's security personnel, the plot still continues by targeting citizens, workers, children and women through planting explosive devices on roads and in neighbourhoods, FFBTU stressed criticizing the revengeful tendency of those societies from the civilized Bahrain.

Systematic targeting of all categories of Bahrain's workers by terrorizing or killing them aims to achieve the goals of those political societies' political adventures which are at the service of foreign agendas, it added, calling on all national and Islamic parties, NGOs and human rights activists to defend Bahrain's workers, two of whom paid today with their lives for a livelihood.

FFBTU criticized religious clerics who should have rather been preachers of national unity instead of fuelling the evil plot against Bahrain and its people.

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