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Al-Ayam: latest series of bombings an indelible clue of the evil conspiracy against Bahrain
01 : 06 PM - 06/11/2012
Manama: Nov. 6 -- (BNA) Al-Ayam daily newspaper considered the series terrorist bombings in the Capital, Manama, yesterday, a desperate attempt at destabilizing the Kingdom of Bahrain's security and stirring fright and panic in citizens and residents in order to adversely impact the wheel of development and productivity which has not been disrupted throughout the months of tensions, hence evil minds and criminal hands resorted to implanting explosive devices and bombs hoping such machinations could casue fright, fear or panicking in Bahraini streets.

The Arabic-speaking daily newspaper stated in its editorial today that the latest series of terror bomb blasts gives evidence and clues that the culture of violence and blood shedding created a terrorist body which is alien to the Bahraini body hoping that such machinations would negatively affect Bahrain after all their desperate attempts - at rending away our solid, cohesive national fabric or threatening the pillars of a peaceful nation which is loyal to HM the King - have been foiled.

The newspaper added that the latest series of terror bomb blasts have shaken the emotions of this people and revived in us confidence that all events which took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain throughout the months of crises were only tantamount to a dangerous conspiracy against our people and our nation. Ultimately and essentially, the Kingdom of Bahrain will not stand handcuffed because terrorism has reached an extent towards which we cannot keep silent as yesterday's bomb blasts have unmasked the perpetrators of the sinful blasts.

Al-Ayam newspaper asserted that the latest terrorist blasts constitute a dangerous escalation in the crisis which will definitely turn against the escalators and extremists when the whole world see the truthfulness and reality of what we have repetitively said regarding their feigning of the crisis from the very outset and the inherent phenomenon of escalation which is inconsiderate and unreasonable. These bombings remove a camouflaging lid off their vociferous hackneyed slogans and violence-provocative speeches and incitement and their repercussions.

Al-Ayam concluded its editorial today by reiterating that these bombings have met with vehement massive condemnation from all segments of the Bahraini populace. These bombings bespeak of the desperateness of the extremists and crisis escalators. These bombings have also affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain's government and people, with divine help, are capable of deracinating terrorists and their evil machinations.

O Almighty Allah do kindly preserve the Kingdom of Bahrain and its loyal people from all sorts of evil and calamities and bestow upon all the grace of security and tranquility. (IY)
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