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Terrorist Blasts Bear Hallmarks of Hizbullah, Says Samira Rajab
08 : 05 PM - 06/11/2012
Manama, Nov. 6. (BNA) – Minister of State for Information Affairs Samira Ibrahim bin Rajab has stated that the manner and tools used in the blasts which targeted the kingdom on Sunday bear the hallmarks of Hizbollah terrorist organisation which trains and guides terrorist groups to implement such attacks according to a clearly-set method.
Speaking to "Russia Today" satellite channel, the Minister of State pointed out that those behind the Gudaibiya and Adliya explosions are the same groups which committed similar acts since February, 2011, and probably over the past ten months, which, she said, is reflected by the nature of the blasts, as well as the devices and home-made bombs used.
Mrs. Rajab underlined that those groups, guided by the Wilayat Al Faqih doctrine (Mandate of the Jurist), have been trained on such kind of terrorist attacks, a precedent in Bahrain, stressing that the recent surge in violent acts reflects Hizbullah's training, nature of attacks and targeted sides.

She also said that the explosions are the result of fatwas issued by the groups' religious leaders who used religious pulpits to incite violence and killing in order to exert pressure on the government.

She also said that "What we are going through today is the escalation 'promised' by Al Wefaq Chairman Ali Salman who stated once that 'this is part of what we can do, and we are capable of doing even more.'"

The Minister of State also denounced some opposition groups' claims that the blasts were fabricated for the sake of imposing the state of emergency in the kingdom, adding that those vile statements expose them and reflect their disrespect for the souls of bereaved.

She also asserted that an "opposition" that lacks minimum ethical standards and keeps a blind eye on the problem and the tragedy it is causing for innocent civilians does not deserve to be called so.

"Such opposition which raises the banner of peacefulness exercises the ugliest and most cruel crimes and all members of the Bahraini society know that it is capable of fabricating stories and telling lies to foreign media outlets, and are aware of its attempts to terrorise and spread panic among the citizens " she also said.

She also affirmed that the reform march, launched by His Majesrty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa twelve years ago, will continue unabated thanks to the kingdom's constitution, the most advanced in the region, and the elected parliament with full power, which, she confirmed, proves that the opposition's claims regarding reforms are baseless.

Regarding dialogue as the best way to solve the crisis, she said that the government launched the national dialogue initiative, but the opposition either refuses or hesitates to engage in it because of the regional agendas it is serving.

She also explained that the problem with the opposition in Bahrain is that it is involved in regional agendas and does not serve any national or reform ones.

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