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urgent : Statement by the Ministry of Interior
01 : 50 AM - 07/11/2012
Manama, Nov. 7 (BNA) -- According to clause (c) of Article (10) of the Citizenship Law which permits the re-evaluation of nationality when a holder of the Bahraini citizenship causes damage to state security, the Bahraiin citizenship of the following individuals have been revoked:
Saed Al Shahabi
Ibrahim Ghulom Karimi
Jaafar Ahmed Al Hassabi
Ali Hassan Mushamie
AbdulRaouf Al Shahabi
Moussa AbdAli Mohammed
Abbas AbdulAziz Omran
Mohammed Mahmoud Al Kharraz
Qassim Badr Hashem
Hassan Amir Akbar Sadiq
Sayyed Mohammed Ali Al Mousawi
Abdulhadi AbdulRasoul Ahmed
Alawi Saed Sayed Sharaf
Hussain AbdulShaheed Hubail
Hussain Mirza Abdulbaqi
Khalid Hameed Mansour
Kamal Ahmed Ali
Ghulam KhairAlla Mohammadi
Mohammed Ibrahim Hussain Fathi
Sayyed Abdulnabi Al Moussawi
Taymour Abdulla Jumaa Karimi
Mohammed Redha Mortadha Abed
Habeeb Darweesh Ghulom
Ibrahim Ghulom Abbas
Mariam Al Sayyed Ibrahim
AbdulAmir Ibraim Al Moussawi
Ibraim Khalil Ghulom
Ismael Khalil Ghulom
Adnan Ahmed Ali
Jawad Fairouz Ghulom
Jalal Fairouz Ghulom

The Minister of Interior will take the necessary measures to implement this in conformity with the Kingdom's commitments under international law. The affected persons have the right of appeal.


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