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Bahrain Congratulates the Palestinian People
01 : 27 AM - 01/12/2012
New York, Nov. 30. (BNA) – The Kingdom of Bahrain has congratulated the brotherly Palestinian people on the UN General Assembly’s resolution granting Palestinian a non-Member Observer State status, affirming that the adoption of the decision by a overwhelming majority reflects the International Community’s solidarity with the Palestinian people and support for its struggle to achieve its inalienable rights of being free and establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.
In a statement to the General Assembly, the Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Jamel Fares Al-Ruae highlighted HM the King’s address to the world marking International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in which he said that the occasion was “a remainder to the whole world of the UN's permanent responsibility towards the Palestinian people and the need to resolve its just cause peacefully, fairly and comprehensively within international legitimacy, adding that the occasion is an opportunity for the International Community to renew its commitments to lifting the injustice that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people since 1948.”

Al-Ruwaie also cited HM the King’s assertion that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People “reflects the International Community's commitment to continuously supporting the Palestinian people in its just struggle to get its legitimate indivisible rights through ending the atrocious Israeli occupation of its territories and establishing its independent state, with Jerusalem as its Capital.”

The kingdom of Bahrain was among the first countries which backed the Palestinian request to be granted a non-Member Observer State status at the United Nations.

It also expressed hope that the UN Security Council approves the request submitted by Palestine on September 23rd, 2011 to be recognized as a full-member state at the UN, calling for the need to resume peace negotiations as soon as possible, in accordance with the concerned UN Security Council's resolutions, the Madrid Peace Conference, the Road Map, the Arab Peace Initiative and the vision based a two-state solution in order to reach a deal on all pending issues.

It also called upon the International Community and UN agencies to continue supporting the Palestinian people in order to be able to establish its sovereign independent state as soon as possible.

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