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The SHRO: More than 44,000 the death toll over the past 21 months of the Syrian conflict
01 : 05 PM - 20/12/2012
Beirut: Dec. 20 – (BNA) The Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SHRO) reported that the death toll resulting from the Syrian conflict which raged on over the past 21 months has risen to more than 44,000 fatalities.

The director of the Syrian Human Rights Watchdog, Rami Abdurrahman, told France Press that 44,063 people were killed in Syria since March 2011 the date of which protests began in Syria. He said that of those killed 30,819 were civilians. The SHRO included in its death toll figures "armed civilians" and "Syrian regime's soldiers" besides 1482 break away soldiers and 10978 pro-regime soldiers in addition to 784 unidentified fatalities.

The London-based SHRO relies on figures of the death toll it has obtained from activists and representatives in various parts of Syria as well as civil and military medical sources.
According to France Press, these figures do not include thousands of missing or arrested Syrians.
Abdurrahman pointed out that there is a large number of fatalities amongst pro-regime forces and opposition fighters but the SHRO could not ascertain their names because both sides have concealed figures of their death toll in order to keep morale up. (IY)

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