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Two Omani daily newspapers praised the outcomes of 33rd GCC Summit
01 : 06 PM - 26/12/2012
Muscat: Dec. 26 -- (BNA) Two Omani daily newspapers lauded the 33rd GCC Summit convened in Manama presided over by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and praised the Kingdom of Bahrain's provision of facilitation and causes for its success and to become an addition to GCC Summits which constituted epoch-making landmarks in the history of the GCC cooperation march aimed to serve the welfare for GCC states and peoples and to the entire region.

The Muscat-based daily Omani newspaper (Al-Ro'ya) stated tahta the outcome of the GCC Summit of their Majesties and Highnesses leaders of the GCC states is deemed a key addition to the joint GCC cooperation march and supporting to its routes in serving the GCC peoples' welfare.

The Omani daily newspaper commented today under the theme (GCC Summit in response to the requirements of the phase) and said that the GCC leaders realize quite well the exigencies of this phase which require supporting the joint GCC cooperation march in order to accomplish at the end of the day the wholesome GCC citizenship. Manama Summit came to expedite the mechanisms in order to ensure deepening of the economic integration between GCC-member states in order to proceed forwards so as to attain a full merger between the Arabian Gulf's economies.

Also, the Muscat-based daily newspaper (Oman) asserted that whilst taking into consideration the deliberations during the GCC Summit's sessions and exploration by their Majesties and Highnesses leaders of the GCC states and their representatives to the Summit, of issues and topics, have in fact extended in such a manner as to include all concerns of the GCC citizens, as individuals, communities and states, in socio-economic, technical and political aspects in order to GCC peoples and the peoples of the entire region to live in peace, security, safety, welfare, prosperity and serenity, all of which are goals sought by the GCC states, before, during and after creation of the GCC over the past thirty-one years or so as manifested in all scenarios and stances and under all circumstances.

The Omani newspaper (Oman) added that the Manama Summit provided the GCC leaders and heads of delegations to exchange viewpoints on the sidelines of their meetings, during bilateral meetings and visits exchanged, all of which will ultimately contribute in favor of GCC citizen's at the present time and in future.


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