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Public Prosecution / Statement
08 : 58 PM - 05/01/2013
Manama-Jan 5(BNA)A Bahraini accused of attacking Sitra Police Station appeared before the High Criminal Court on December 30, 2012, to face charges.

“Ahmed Ridha Ahmed Humaidan was arrested a day earlier (December 29, 2012) at City Centre”, Central Governorate Chief Prosecutor Ali Al-Showeikh said.

The suspect is accused of attacking Sitra Police Station on the 8th of April 2012.

A police inquiry revealed that thirty-two thugs took part in the attack, including the accused Ahmed Ridha Ahmed Humaidan.

The saboteurs hurled Molotov cocktail, iron rods and nails, gutting one of the masts of Sitra Police Station.

A policeman suffered injuries in the attack as a nail shrapnel stuck in his body.

Fifteen suspects were then arrested and referred the High Criminal Court to stand trial, accused of rallying, rioting, bomb-making, possessing explosives, assaulting policemen whilst on duty and sabotage.
The Public Prosecution Attorney General issued an arrest warrant to track down the other 17 accused, who were still at large, including Ahmed Ridha Ahmed Humaidan, and bring them to justice.

The High Criminal Court ordered the sixteen detained suspects to remain in custody pending trial.

The case has been adjourned till the 15th of January 2013 to enable Ahmed Ridha Ahmed Humaidan to appear along with his hired lawyer or the court-appointed attorney in conformity with the penal procedures.

The suspect has been allowed soon after he was arrested at City Centre to call his family and tell them about his whereabouts.

His family is scheduled to visit him this week in custody as per the fixed appointment.

The law entitles the relatives to visit the suspect being held in custody at their request, in addition to the scheduled visits.

Central Governorate Chief Prosecutor Ali Al-Showeikh said that no violations were committed while arresting Ahmed Ridha Ahmed Humaidan or taking him in police custody.

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