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International Islamic Conference on Prophetic Sunnah urges the UN to enact laws which incriminate the desecration of religions
12 : 28 PM - 13/01/2013
Khartoum: Jan. 13 -- (BNA) The International Islamic Conference on Prophetic Sunnah – Sunnah is the Tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) - has urged the United Nations to enact laws which incriminate the tarnishing of religions and penalize offenders, and also urged the countries of the Islamic World to enact similar laws which incriminate anyone who desecrates or profanes religious sanctities.

The international conference hosted in the Sudanese Capital, Khartoum, concluded last night, urging special attention to women's issues and contributions from an Islamic perspective in the light of the prophetic guidance and to convene international conferences in order to discuss prophetic guidance to remedy women's issues and to work hard in order to establish specialized Islamic satellite radio and TV stations.

The conference urged the creation of specialized research study centers to study women's contributions in all walks of life and to pay attention to expatriate Muslim women in terms of academic qualification, "Dawa" (i.e. call to Islam" and the requirements of a dignified living and to support highly-qualified and creative pioneering women.

The conference urged officials in Islamic countries to set up curricula of prophetic Sunnah for various levels and to take care of the essence of "Shura" (i.e. consultation amongst Muslims regarding all worthwhile matters) as well as encourage research studies and discussion of issues and challenges facing Muslim communities and to convene and invite moderate non-Muslims to dialogue conferences and to urge media institutions to discuss issues of the prophetic story and Islamic action in general.

The conference recommended the creation of effective, qualified internet websites in order to introduce the prophetic story and to instill the love of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in children and to educate them on Islamic ethics and proposed the creation of a specialized international academy in order to spread prophetic guidance and to respond to misunderstandings and to train teachers in order to teach the prophet's story through modern and attractive teaching methodology.

The conference urged to provide mosques and Islamic cultural centers in the Islamic world and in the western world with introductory pamphlets, booklets, CDs in order to teach the story of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and to encourage researchers and writers to simplify the prophet's story into short stories in a style that is suitable for children. The conference pointed out the role of modern and conventional mass media in the Islamic and the Arab world in explaining the true real message of Islam and the image of the merciful prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The conference praised the efforts of the International Youth Forum, the Republic of the Sudan, Africa International University, the Islamic World Organization and everybody who has contributed into the success of the conference business.
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