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Arab Commission for Human Rights chief condemns Iran's flagrant interferences
03 : 16 PM - 28/03/2013
Riyadh: March 28 —(BNA)— The Arab Commission for Human Rights' chairman, Dr. Hadi Al-yami, has denounced Iran's hostile acts which targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and condemned the direct links between Iran's intelligence and the 18-member espionage network recently foiled in the Kingdom.
Dr. Hadi Al-yami told the (Riyadh) daily newspaper issued today that Iran has flagrantly breached international conventions and diplomatic relations which stipulate mutual respect between sovereign countries and regimes, pointing out that Iran should at least have complied with the teachings of Islam from which Iran derives its legitimacy and name. He also pointed out that the acts committed by Iran bespeak of its desire to instigate strife and to ignite conflicts in the region at a very critical phase in the history of the region.

The Arab Commission for Human Rights' chairman added that there is a moral and professional duty which the international community should assume which is to tackle such interferences, adding that I do not know the extent Iran to which wants to drift the region regarding its imposed political and legal obligations under the UN Charter. (IY)

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