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HRH Premier Pays Visit to Muharraq and Affirms that the Citizens Will Foil Evil Plots against the Kingdom
04 : 59 PM - 10/08/2013
Manama, Aug. 10. (BNA) – The recommendations of the National Assembly stem from the popular will and, therefore, we are required to implement them as soon as possible in order to achieve security and stability and toughen punishment on instigators and terrorists, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

“This can be possible only with the support of all,” he said, stressing that “the Bahraini people is the protective shield that will foil any evil plan against Bahrain’s security and stability.”

He added that the government will do its utmost to assume its responsibility and place the implementation of the recommendations of the Bahraini people and the directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa at the top of its agenda.

“That will top our priorities in the current phase,” he asserted.

HRH Premier voiced the stances as he paid a visit today to the Muharraq Governorate where he met with the Governor Salman bin Isa bin Hindi, citizens and members of the Muharraq Municipal Council, congratulated them on Eid Al-Fitr and expressed constant desire to be with them on all occasions.

He affirmed that his meetings with the Muharraq citizens are always full of love and warm welcome, adding that “All we want is that all citizens across Bahrain’s cities and villages participate effectively in efforts to implement the recommendations approved by the National Assembly.”

He underlined that his visit to Muharraq, like any other visit he has made, aims to strengthen awareness on the need to join hands in order to eradicate terrorism, sabotage and violence, which contravene human values and religious precepts.

He emphasized that, now more than ever, all must be aware that what is going on in Bahrain has nothing to do with daily life demands, but is aimed at overthrowing the ruling system and dragging the kingdom into chaos and sabotage.

“The focus is on Bahrain now because it is the gateway for other countries in the region, and we have to foil such desperate attempts,” he said.

He underlined that safeguarding the homeland is a social responsibility that has to be assumed by all, expressing great confidence in the Bahraini people’s ability to protect landmark national achievements.

He affirmed that the government is keen to meet the Bahraini people’ aspirations for a decent and secure life, stressing that the government is resolved to achieve its goals of ensuring the citizens’ comfort and well-being and will not be distracted by terrorist acts.

He stressed that those who believe that they can disrupt the progress march currently witnessed by the Kingdom through spreading panic among the hearts of the citizens are driven by illusion, adding that all evil plans staged by terrorists are doomed to fail thanks to the citizens’ cohesion and rallying together.

He pointed out that the freedom of expression and openness enjoyed by the kingdom have been exploited by some sides to undermine national unity and disrupt security and stability, stressing that evil terrorists and instigators who disseminate fallacies and lies have to be deterred.

He called for the need to pay more attention to sermons and speeches that claim that Bahrain is a one nation but, in reality, plot against the kingdom and its people, stressing that “We will not accept to let our country be subjected to chaos and destruction, like other countries.”

“This island will burn to a cinder all those who seek to tamper with its security and stability,” he said, calling for the need to be more aware of the challenges surrounding the kingdom, and stand united against those plotting against the homeland and its people.

The Muharraq Governor extended sincere thanks and gratitude to HRH Premier for his kind visit to Muharraq, affirming that the Prime Minister’s visits have always brought good to the Muharraq citizens.

He added that Muharraq is proud of HRH Premier’s visits on various occasions, which, he said, reflects his personal desire to meet the needs of the citizens and get assured on their living conditions.

On their part, those present expressed full-fledged support for HRH Premier and backing of the recommendations approved by the National Assembly, affirming that all of them are soldiers against terrorism and those who want to desecrate the kingdom.

They asserted that HRH Premier has set the best examples of national work and dedication for the cherished nation, stressing that evil hands have to be uprooted.

They also affirmed allegiance to Bahrain and its leadership, and expressed support for all measures to be taken against terrorism and those who incite it.

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