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Bahrain foils terror, smuggling plots
05 : 24 PM - 30/12/2013
Manama, Dec. 30 (BNA) --The Ministry of Interior foiled on December 28 and 29 terrorist attempts aimed at disrupting the peace and security of Bahrain, Public Security Chief Major-General Tareq Al Hassan said, adding that four operations conducted over the two days helped seize a large cache of arms and detain over 17 persons planning acts of sabotage in the kingdom.

Speaking during a press conference today, Al-Hassan gave details of each operation, noting that security personnel dismantled a bomb planted in a stolen car in the Hoora area in Manama.

He said that at 2.00 pm on Saturday, a police patrol informed the main operation room that a car reported stolen was found parked in Hoora, adding that the cordon and search by the Capital Governorate police and a specialised team resulted in the discovery of explosive devices inside the car. The bomb squad and the civil defence successfully defused the car bomb.

The equipment comprised a gas cylinder, two fuel plates and a homemade pipe bomb connected to a remote control phone, he added.

A second stolen car, spotted also in Hoora, was found to be without any explosives.

The second operation involved smuggling wanted criminals out of the country. It was foiled by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Forensic Evidence working in cooperation with the Coast Guard, the police air patrol, and the Royal Bahrain Naval Force.

The coast guard radar was able to locate a boat with a number a people aboard heading out of the coast of Karranah village towards the north. The boat was followed and stopped 10 marine miles off the kingdom's coastline, the major general said.

The target was immediately followed with the support of the police air patrols and a number of Coast Guard boats until it was cordoned and stopped at 2.40 pm after a pursuit along the east of Al Jarem marine area (10 nautical miles away from Bahrain coastline), he said, adding that the boat was found to be 29 feet long with two engines, each of 200 horsepower. Thirteen wanted people in security cases were aboard and one of them was a Saudi national.

Al Hassan said that they had been carrying their passports, different currencies, mobile phones, as well as clothes and personal belongings, stressing that the operation was visually documented and that investigations were continuing.

In the third operation, the Coast Guard patrols, based on earlier information, foiled the infiltration and smuggling of arms and ammunition through the sea border into the Kingdom.

Using the Coast Guard radar, the target was located 118 marine miles off north eastern Bahrain, in international waters, sailing towards the Kingdom.

The target was followed until it entered territorial waters in eastern Al Jarem, and with the support of the police air patrols, it was seized at 4.50 pm, two nautical miles away from the Karranah village coast, the major general said. The target was found to be a boat of 29 feet long with two engines, each engine is 200 horsepower. Two Bahrainis were on board of the boat.
The contraband seized included 38 explosives, investigations showed to be C4, 31 Claymore blocks, explosive material to be used against individuals, 12 EFP armor-piercing explosives, 6 explosive devices containing magnets, 30 Nokia mobile phones with batteries, a satellite phone (Thurrayya) with SIM card, 29 circuit boards to be fixed on mobile phones in order to set off bombs, a PK machine gun and 12 cartridges, a large number of machine gun bullets, two boxes containing a large number of ignition capsules, three fuses (explosive), 50 Iranian made hand bombs, 295 commercial detonators on which it was written "made in Syria", C4 and TNT explosives have been found so far.
The police chief said that the operation was documented visually, and investigations are ongoing in this case.

The fourth operation was in a warehouse full of explosives and ammunition, located in Al Qurrayah Village, he added.

From the information received from investigations following the location of a boat during an attempt to smuggle a quantity of explosives, weapons and ammunition through the territorial waters of the Kingdom, more than one site used to store smuggled materials was found. The police were able to raid three suspected locations which led to finding six explosive blocks with magnetic specifications, four rectangular blocks wrapped in white tape and containing explosive materials, an amount of explosive powder, one mobile phone, four electrical circuits, four hand bombs resembling the ones found on the seized boat, 56 commercial detonators (made in Syria), a black gun, in addition to a number of bullets.

In addition, many other materials, such as a transparent polythene bag containing gray explosive material wrapped in scotch tape, plastic bottle containing a mercury-like substance, red cylindrical shaped bullet, cylindrical shaped bottle containing a number of iron rods, two explosive material blocks, six Kalashnikov storages fully loaded with bullets, four explosive devices, wireless device and a number of detonator devices were also found, Al Hassan said.



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