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Bahrain backs Saudi Arabia, UAE, Foreign Minister says
07 : 34 PM - 21/03/2014
Manama, Mar. 21. (BNA) -- Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa has stressed that Bahrain supports Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting the plans of the "Muslim Brotherhood".
Shaikh Khalid said that Bahrain was facing the "Muslim Brotherhood" group and its "clear terrorist threat" to the stability of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and considered its plans as a threat to the kingdom’s security as well.
He added that Bahrain would "deal with any threat from the Muslim Brotherhood group in Bahrain in the same way it deals with any other potential threat to its security and stability."
The Foreign Minister emphasised that "whatever poses a threat to the security and stability of Saudi Arabia and the UAE affects directly Bahrain, and vice versa, and whoever is hostile towards them is undoubtedly our enemy."
Shaikh Khalid denied media reports that quoted him as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was not a terrorist group, stressing that "each country deals with the group according to the actions of its adherents against the state,” while keeping a unified stance."
"That's what I said and meant during the press conference in Islamabad yesterday. It is clear and does not lend itself to interpretations," he said, adding that he was responsible for the statements he had made, but not for the misinterpretations of some media.
He added that the Muslim Brotherhood was an international movement that had its own approach and existed in many countries across the world, noting that each country deals with it according to its own laws and the agreements to which it is committed.


BNA 1507 GMT 2014/03/21

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