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Incentive Awards (1-2)
12 : 53 PM - 07/06/2014

Incentive Awards may be accorded to employees for providing services ,work, research or suggestions to help improve work methods, upgrade performance efficiency or economize on expenditures. Such Awards may be accorded to employee in appreciation for his contributions and to raise spirit and morale, increase their attention to duties in order to improve quality of services provided to the public promptly and without delay.

Employee may not be considered for any Incentive Award in case a disciplinary penalty has been imposed on him or her unless such disciplinary penalty has been deleted, payment of any Incentive Award to employee placed under investigation shall be suspended until the end of the accountability procedures , and employee shall be deprived of such Award in case a disciplinary penalty has been imposed on him or her.

Employee shall be accorded Incentive Awards related to performance and it includes Special Act Award, Exceptional Achievements Award, Employee Discipline Award, Employee of the Year Award and the employee shall not be accorded during one year more than two Awards related to performance or one award related to performance together with an Incentive Allowance.

Special Act Award
It is accorded to an employee or to a group of employees who extended extra-ordinary efforts in order to perform special work, achieve certain specialized accomplishment or advance special service which contributes to achieving position’s effectiveness and efficiency ,or improve services in the government entity.

Special Act Award shall be a lump sum amount ranging from BD. 100 to BD. 500 , and shall be awarded to a number of employees not exceeding 10% of total man-power on 1st January on according to one of the following standards, Good treatment of customers and providing service without delay, Volunteering to discharge fellow – employees' duties when necessary, Accepting additional responsibilities, Performing several projects related to the plan of government entity where employee works which is designed to improve administrative performance in record time, Submitting studies which achieve cash surplus or better man-power investment. This award shall be accorded for the second time after the lapse of one year from the date of according employee the same Award.

Exceptional Achievement Award
Employee may be accorded Exceptional Achievement Award exceeding BD. 500 and up to BD. 1500 for completing a project or an activity or an event on a national scale and according to one of the following standards, Accomplishing remarkable success in leading a working team entrusted to implement a project or a study of special significance, Participating effectively in membership of government committees, Contributing effectively in government activities related to events and celebrations of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Participating effectively in volunteering activities to serve the Kingdom, Performing an act of heroic nature like rescuing human life or protecting public property, Participating in emergency work during crisis and disasters.

The Exceptional Achievement Award shall be accorded in accordance with the following conditions, Availability of the required budget for this Award from the project budget or activity or event budget or from the Chapter One budget of the General Budget, Employee shall not have received compensations against such achievements, Approval of the Civil Service Bureau. The Award shall be paid upon the completion of the project or activity or event and shall be accorded for the second time after the lapse of one year of granting it for the first time.

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