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Open letter to UN, Swiss government
10 : 49 AM - 17/09/2015
Manama, Sept. 17 (BNA): The Bahrain-based Gulf Daily News (GDN) on Thursday, September 17 addressed an open message to the UN representatives and the Swiss government.

The GDN said "It is incredibly unfair and unjust for Switzerland to lead 33 countries in accusing Bahrain, amongst other unfounded allegations, of mistreating prisoners, and using excessive police force.

This begs the question, what is their motive and are they being kept truly informed about the situation in Bahrain? What sort of information do they have, and from which sources have they obtained it? Is it from the UN Information Centre in Manama?

Bahrain is an open country, and the United Nations offices here, along with its staff, can see for themselves the daily events unfolding on roads and in villages – from burning tyres to blocking traffic during busy working hours, attacking and torching schools, throwing Molotov bombs at policemen and planting remote-controlled bombs to harm and kill security forces.

We wonder if such daily atrocities are being reported fully to UN headquarters in Geneva and New York as first-hand information, without retouch or make-up? In other words reporting reality as is, how is.

Or are we to understand that the Swiss government and UN offices in Bahrain do not consider these things as human rights violations? If that is the case, how do they define human rights?

Burning schools is a human right? Killing policemen is a human right? Creating havoc and horror is a human right? Implementation of law and order is a violation of human rights? A peaceful society surrendering to terrorists is a human right? Destruction of the economy is a human right?

We certainly believe that shortcomings and intentional negligence in reporting honestly and impartially back to the Geneva centre is the prime cause of misjudgments.

Or are we to understand that your ears are tuned only to hear what the agents of doom and destruction, paid and fed by the reactionary state of the Islamic Republic of Iran, spit out?

You ought to bear in mind that United Nations officers and its representatives should not be linked to any ideology, religion, or school of thought, but remain totally objective.

In fact all of them, before being appointed to their positions, must have sworn and made solemn promises to carry out their duties according to strict and high standards of decency, shunning deceit and double standards. Unfortunately, what we see is different.

Frankly, we have to say that it would have been impossible for the Swiss government to reach such a cruel decision if it had been provided with honest accounts about Bahrain’s progress and development plans.

We as members of the national Press see it as our duty to highlight such shortcomings and blatant misinformation, which unfairly stains our country’s reputation at a time when it expects from European countries and the world the highest credit and impartiality, because our police force and security men, as well as Bahrain’s government, have always reached decisions with calm, cool and collected heads.

What we have been suffering and facing for many years would have been handled far differently and possibly more harshly in any western country. And given our proven obligation towards our people and towards human rights, we do not need such lessons. Here, the social justice and kindness of society is far more in evidence than in any country in the western hemisphere.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that although many, many policemen have lost their lives, until now not a single person convicted by a Bahrain court of law for such an evil crime, has faced capital punishment?" according to the GDN .


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