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No mediation unless Iran responds positively: Al Jubair
01 : 56 PM - 24/01/2016
Manama, Jan. 24 (BNA): The Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Adel Al Jubair has denied the existence of any Pakistani mediation between his country and Iran.
The minister told the media on the sideline of the first ministerial session of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-India Cooperation Forum that some countries had offered to mediate and communicate ideas between Riyadh and Tehran, stressing that Iran knows what is required from it and there will not be mediation unless Iran responds positively.
Over 35 years, Iran has adopted a hostile approach towards Arab countries by meddling in their internal affairs, sowing sectarian strife and backing terrorism as confirmed by numerous strong evidences, Al Jubair said.
Iran is among the terrorism-supportive countries listed by the United Nations and several states other than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are governmental agencies in Iran listed as terrorist organisations. There are also officials in Iran's security agencies wanted for their involvement in terrorism. Iran should change its policy and method of dealing with its neighbours on the principle of good neighborliness and refrain from interference in the internal affairs of other countries so that the path will be open to building better relations with its neighbors, he said.

The minister commended the distinctive historic Bahraini-Saudi ties which will continue on the same path in future.

Regarding US stance towards Operation Decisive Storm, Al Jubair said Washington had undertaken a supportive role and continues to support the efforts of the Saudi-led Arab coalition in defending legitimacy in Yemen.


BNA 1120 GMT 2016/01/24

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