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Citizenship revoked for creating extremist sectarian environment
03 : 41 PM - 20/06/2016
Manama, June 20 (BNA): The Ministry of Interior emphasized that Bahrain is moving ahead in confronting all parties of extremism and those subordinate to external political and religious authorities, whether they are societies or individuals, especially those who violate the duties of citizenship and peaceful coexistence and work on enforcing notions of political sectarianism, and violate the Constitution, the law and all of state institutions, aiming to divide the society in order to clone regional models based on sectarian foundations.
Accordingly, the citizenship of Isa Ahmed Qasim has been revoked. Ever since he received the Bahraini nationality, Qasim has established organizations that follow an external religious political authority, played a major role in creating an extremist sectarian environment and worked on dividing the society alongside sects and in accordance with subordination to his orders.

Qasim has also adopted theocracy and emphasized on the absolute allegiance to the Religious Clerics. Through his sermons and “fatwas”, he exploited the religious pulpit for political purposes to serve foreign interests. He also encouraged sectarianism and violence. Qasim has kept his decisions and positions, which he dictated as religious rituals, dependent on his continuous communication with hostile foreign organizations and parties. In addition, Qasim collected funds without complying with the provisions of the law.

On several occasions, Isa Qasim has violated the supremacy of the law by issuing edicts (fatwas) that affected the elections and its processes. He influenced voters’ decisions using religious sentiments. This extends to all aspects of public affairs, undermining the rights of the people and the rule of law. He also rallied many groups to prevent the issuance of the second section of the Family Law (Jafari Section).

Given that Qasim has acquired the Bahraini citizenship and did not preserve its rights and contributed to causing damage to the high interests of the State and undermined the obligation and loyalty to it, and in accordance with the provisions of the Bahraini Nationality law which stipulates in Article 10, Paragraph C “if he causes damage to the interest of the state or took action contrary to the duty or loyalty to it”, and in reference to the presentation by the Minister of Interior, the Cabinet has issued a decision to revoke the citizenship of Isa Qasim.

The Ministry noted that safeguarding the Kingdom’s security and peace in order to achieve a better life for all citizens and to accomplish further achievements in all fields is a top priority. Citizenship is made of rights and duties and no-one is above the law or beyond legal accountability."
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