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SIU launches inquiry into detainee’s death
04 : 26 PM - 01/08/2016
Manama, Aug. 1 (BNA): An investigation into the death of a detainee remanded at the Dry Dock has been launched, Special Investigation Unit (SIU) member Isa Al-Mannai, said.

The SIU questioned all the detainees in the deceased’s ward, as well as his father, about the information in their possession concerning his death.

The unit ordered a postmortem examination of the body to determine when and how the death occurred and prepare a detailed report on the matter. It also retained the clothes of the deceased and requested the Forensic Science Laboratory to examine them and find out whether they contained anything that might be helpful in the inquiry.

The deceased was remanded in custody pending on-going investigations into a criminal case. He was questioned by the Public Prosecution on July 12, but did not report that he was subject to any kind of torture or ill-treatment during the questioning. The investigator did not notice any clear injuries.

The forensic expert, appointed by the Public Prosecution to examine the body, found no traces of injuries that would indicate criminal violence, resistance or tying.

The SIU will continue its investigations into the incident based on the findings of the coroner and the Forensic Science Laboratory, Al-Mannai added.

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