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Suspects charged with torture to be tried
09 : 14 PM - 25/01/2017
Manama, Jan. 25 (BNA): The High Criminal Court and the High Court of Appeal will hear in February three criminal cases in which 20 defendants will be tried on charges of torturing Bahraini youngsters from the villages of Duraz and Sanabis as well as stealing and vandalsing their properties on allegations that the victims were collaborating with the police and providing them with information about wanted suspects or filming rallies.

The High Criminal Court will hear on February 9 the case in which 18-year-old Ahmed, from Shakhoora, lost his life. Four suspects, two in custody, will be tried on charges of torture of the victim to death, deprivation of freedom, theft and vandalism.

Details of the case go back to October 4, 2016 when authorities were informed that an unidentified person was found in Duraz, close to Post Avenue. He was unconscious and in a critical condition as he sustained scattered injuries on his body. He was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex and his father could recognize him through a photo posted on social media networks.

The youngster remained in coma for a few days before succumbing to death from his injuries. Investigations showed that one of the suspects, a friend of the victim, was with him on the day of the incident. They were rallying near Isa Qassim’s home and the suspect lured the victim to Duraz after plotting with another suspect to kidnap him by another group and question him in a building behind Isa Qassim’s home over collaborating with the police to arrest people.

The Public Prosecution referred the suspects to trial after levelling four main charges against them: Torturing the victim to death, depriving him of freedom by using force and illegally, stealing the victim’s two mobile phones and damaging his properties.

The Criminal Court will also hear on February 8 a case in which 11 suspects are accused of torturing 26-year-old Bahraini youngster Mohammed, from Karanah, damaging his car and stealing his mobile phone in order to get information from him about allegedly collaborating with the police and filming demonstrators in front of Isa Qassim’s home.

Details of the case go back to August 19, 2016 when the victim went to Duraz to repair his friend’s car.

As he was making his way to the place, he saw people gathered near Isa Qassim’s home. He parked his car and went for prayer. He afterwards stayed there to watch the rally. As he was taking out his mobile phone to take photos, a person asked him about the reason for doing it, took the phone, examined it and gave it back to him. Then, another person came and asked him to follow him to a dark alley where four masked men questioned him, took his mobile, blindfolded him and took him to the roof of a house where they questioned him and forced him by beating him with wooden planks to admit that he was collaborating with the security authorities. After recording his words, they released him. While he was walking in the area, he lost consciousness and fell down because of the excruciating pain and injuries he sustained.

The Public Prosecution charged the suspects who are between 15 and 24 years old with torture to get information under duress, damaging a car, stealing a mobile phone and beating the victim which resulted in incapacity for more than 20 days. The case was referred to the court on December 14, 2016. The Criminal Court heard it on January 10 and adjourned it to February 8 to inform the 10 runaway suspects while remanding the first one in custody.

In another case, the High Court of Appeal will issue its verdict on February 27in a case in which seven suspects, including two minors, are accused of torturing a captive, sexual abuse, kidnaping, deprivation of freedom, robbery and delinquency.

Details of the case go back to August 10, 2015 when the suspects, aged 13 to 17, kidnapped 16-year-old Yussef, from Sanabis, using force and took him to a farm to take revenge on him for allegedly collaborating with the police. They beat him with their fists and hoses, sexually abused him and stole his mobile.

The Public Prosecution referred the case to the High Criminal Court and the Juvenile Court on January 21, 2016. The adults received seven years in jail while the Juvenile Court ruled to keep the two minors at the Juvenile Care Centre and submit social reports on them every six months. The case of the adult suspects is being reviewed by the Court of Appeal and the verdict will be issued on February 27.


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