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Bahraini artist hails solo exhibition success
04 : 02 PM - 20/03/2017
Manama, Mar. 20 (BNA): A Bahraini artist who has highlighted a unique fusion of the Bahraini folklore with the Japanese manga at her first solo exhibition said that she was particularly pleased with the response of the people and the outcome.
"I was particularly thrilled with my first solo exhibition in Dubai and I am enthusiastic about the whole experience," Leena Al Ayoubi said. "I was told that I should not feel down if none of my paintings was sold as the sale expectations were low. You can imagine how happy I was when almost half of the paintings were sold."

The opening reception was under the patronage of Mohammed Kanoo and the list of VIP visitors included Khalil Abdul Wahid, head of Visual Arts at Dubai Culture and Dominique Mineur, the Belgian ambassador to the UAE.

"The exhibition was listed in the Dubai art season guide and was one of the stops of Art Bus 2017 during Art Dubai season. Many people were interested in my new art style and one of the university teachers who brought his students to the exhibition described my art style - the mixture of Bahraini folklore with Japanese manga art - to his students as a new invention in art. He said they were witnessing an unprecedented art-style, and that made me very happy and extremely proud," she said.
Prior to the exhibition, Leena who has British and Italian experience in painting as well said that she wanted to achieve an artistic breakthrough and that she would combine the Bahraini folklore and the art of Japanese manga in a unique homogeneous mixture.

“Brainchild is an artistic feature the originality of the past, the charm of the present and the hope of future. The fusion brings together the civilisations of the Arabian Peninsula and the Land of the Rising Sun.”

The exhibition will be running until April 6, and three galleries in Dubai have already expressed interest in exhibiting the unsold paintings, Leena added.

The artist has been displaying her artwork since 2014 and has participated in several exhibitions in Bahrain., Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

She also did artwork for novels by Emirati writer Lamees Bin Hafith and Qatari writer Hamad Al Tamimi.
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