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Two-month summer ban to take effect on July 1
08 : 26 PM - 19/06/2017
Manama, June 19(BNA):A two-month ban on outdoor work under the scorching summer heat will take effect on July 1.
Under the annual ban, outdoor work will be prohibited from midday until 4 PM during July and August.
The Labour and Social Development Ministry announced that all preparations have been made to start supervising the implementation of the ministerial edict 3 of 2013 on banning outdoor afternoon work.
Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan urged all private companies to comply with the ban which aims at protecting workers and ensuring their safety to avert thermal stress, sunstrokes and fatal accidents.
Citing official statistics, he said that up 98 per cent of private sector companies complied with the ban over the past years, stressing the importance of ensuring employees’ decent and safe work environment.
He pointed out that lawbreakers found in breach of the two-month ban would be jailed up to three months and / or fined from BD500 to BD2000.


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