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426,317 pilgrims arrived in Madinah
07 : 34 PM - 12/08/2017
Madinah, Aug. 12 (BNA): A total of 426,317 have so far arrived in the Madinah, also known as “Taiba Al-Taiba” according to latest official statistics.

The National Adilla Establishment said that 27, 141 new pilgrims arrived in the City of the Madinah while 29,186 others left Taiba Al-Taiba and headed to the City of Makkah. A total of 217,057 have to-date left the Madinah and headed to Makkah.

The Indonesians make up a major bulk with 61,432 out of an overall 209,226 pilgrims who are currently in Makkah, up from 202, 876 pilgrims on the same day last year.

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