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Saudi State Security thwarts Daesh terrorist plot
12 : 19 PM - 12/09/2017
Jeddah, Sep. 12 (BNA): An official source said the Saudi State Security Presidency - following up on terrorist threats targeting the kingdom's security and capabilities and tracking those responsible - was able to carry out a qualitative operation in detecting and thwarting a terrorist plot by Daesh terrorist organization against two headquarters of Ministry of Defense in Riyadh by suicide operation with explosive belts.
The security operation resulted in the following:
First: The arrest of the two suicide bombers, Ahmed Yaser al-Kaldi and Ammar Ali Muhammad, before they reached the target location, neutralizing their danger and controlling them by the security men. The preliminary investigations revealed that they were of Yemeni nationality and their names differed from those recorded in the identity cards seized in their possession. At the same time, two Saudi nationals were also arrested. Their relationship with the above-mentioned suicide bombers and their intentions are being investigated. The investigation's interest requires anonymity at the moment.
Second: Seizure of two explosive belts (each weighing 7 kg), and nine homemade grenades, firearms and non-firearm weapons.
Third: Seizure of a rest house in Al-Rimal neighborhood, Riyadh. It was used as a place for the suicide bombers and for training on using explosive belts.
Investigations are continuing in this case and the detainees are being held to cover all the details of this terrorist plot and any future developments will be announced, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported today.


BNA 0750 GMT 2017/09/12

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