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Bahrain, Sri Lanka discuss labour cooperation
08 : 02 PM - 14/09/2017
Manama, Sep. 14 (BNA): Minister of Labor and Social Development, Chairman of Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), Jameel bin Mohammed Ali-Humaidan, today received Sri Lanka's Minister of Foreign Employment, Thalatha Atukorale, accompanied with Sri Lankan Ambassador to Bahrain Dr. A Saj U. Mendis.

Means of boosting labour relations were discussed, as well as cooperation for the development of both countries’ labour markets.

The meeting also focused on the implementation progress of the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries and the implementation of Abu Dhabi dialogue outcomes, among of them the application of best expat labour hiring practices among the Abu Dhabi dialogue member countries; the development, documentation and recognition of the expat labour skills, protecting their rights through the issuance of national legislation and laws, in addition to providing them with a safe and proper work environment.

The minister praised the Bahraini-Sri Lankan relations promoted by mutual interest to develop them in various fields. He pointed out Bahrain’s initiatives on the protection of expat labour through the issuance a band of laws and legislation.

The Sri Lankan Minister welcomed Bahrain’s efforts to protect expat labour, especially the Sri Lankan community.

She praised the developed legislation issued in the interest of expat labour, which are a model to follow at the continental and international level.


BNA 1700 GMT 2017/09/14

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