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Bahrain reiterates support for Palestinian people's rights
11 : 18 AM - 19/10/2017
Manama, Oct. 19 (BNA): Bahrain has reiterated its constant support for the Palestinian cause and for the brotherly Palestinians to restore their legitimate rights and establish an independent state on June 4 1967 borders according to relevant International Legitimacy’s resolutions, the Arab Peace Initiative and the two-state principle.
It has also called for immediate halt of all settlement activities which Israel is still practicing in a clear flagrant violation of international laws, UN Security Council resolutions; most importantly resolution 2334 that rejects occupational practices and repercussions.

This came in a statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations, Jamal Fares Al Ruaie, at a general debate on the situation in the Middle East including the Palestinian cause.

The ambassador welcomed the recent Palestinian reconciliation aimed to end divisions and achieve national high interests. On Syria, the Permanent Representative affirmed the importance of pushing forward efforts to reach a political solution while preserving the country’s territorial integrity, ending foreign interference, eliminating all terrorist organizations and providing security to all Syrians.

Regarding Yemen, He stressed the need to end the imposed control by the foreign-backed militias and seek a comprehensive political settlement according to agreed references, topped by the Gulf Initiative with its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the National Dialogue and UN Security resolution 2216.

These, he said, would put an end to all foreign interference and halt the ever-deteriorating humanitarian situation, from which the brotherly Yemeni people are suffering.

"Fighting terrorism of all forms and manifestations in the Middle East, irrespective of the motives, justifications or origins is a prerequisite factor for security and stability in the region and beyond," he said. The Permanent Representative explained that it was for those reasons that the Kingdom of Bahrain had praised the new US policies and its strong keenness to prevent Iran from spreading chaos and exporting terrorism to the region. He concluded the statement by affirming Bahrain’s intent to work side by side with the international community to confront challenges and secure a prosperous future for all the peoples of the region.


BNA 0806 GMT 2017/10/19

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