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Yemen values Arab Coalition's support
12 : 44 PM - 12/11/2017
Aden, Nov. 12 (BNA): Yemeni Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh has praised the position of the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia, which supports the legitimate government of his country against the Houthi and deposed-Saleh coup militias.

During a meeting with police commanders from across the country, he stressed the importance of redoubling efforts to stabilize security in various governorates and regions, raise the sense of security and represent the state with its ethics and principles.
The meeting also discussed the mechanism of dealing with crimes and incidents that disturb security and public order and directed them to deal with such cases with vigilance, caution, on the one hand and to show firmness with terrorist acts and non-complacency, on the other.

War against Iranian enterprise is continuing, he said, adding that as far as the Iranian attempts to expand are aimed at destabilizing regional and international security and stability and stressed that the legitimacy with the support of brothers and friends will continue to confront this project and quench its dangers, the Yemeni official news agency reported.

He concluded by praising the sacrifices made by the heroes of the national army and the popular resistance, in support of the Arab coalition forces and the legitimacy, to overcome the coup and its loyal forces.


BNA 0938 GMT 2017/11/12

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