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HH Shaikh Khalid praises Bahraini fighters’ achievements
03 : 29 PM - 14/11/2017
Manama, Nov. 14 (BNA): His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, First Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport, Honorary Chairman of the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF), Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee for the BRAVE International Combat Week and the 4th edition of the Mixed Martial Arts World Championship praised the positive results achieved by the Bahrain champions on the first day of the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship, pointing out that the victories achieved by the Bahrain fighters in the championship are a clear indication of their huge capabilities and their keenness to achieve results that prove the great development of MMA in Bahrain.

His Highness, who was keen on following the national team's bouts, stated: "The first day of the tournament saw a very distinguished Bahraini presence through a group of fighters who were keen to provide their best technical skills and dedicating all their experience in order to win these bouts, we have great confidence in our fighters to achieving more victories and reach a new achievement in the world championship.

He added: "The rest of the fighters have shown varying levels, some have won and others have been very strong but lost. We believe that the future will be better for them because of their impressive levels and strong representation of the Kingdom".

His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa encouraged all Bahraini players to present their best. He also continued to support the Bahraini team's participation in the tournament by being present at their side in the ring and at the coach’s corner to guide them during their bouts.

Graceful gesture

Our national team of mixed martial arts player Ramadan Gitenov was injured from his match against his French rival Xecebede in the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship, His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa showed a gracful gesture towards Gitenov by escorting his personally to the medical clinic for treatment.

During the game, the Frenchman Xecebede punched the face of Ramadan, causing him to fall injured on the ground, and was treated by paramedics, announcing after that his withdrawal from the match and announcing Frenchman Xecebede as the winner.

The fighter rose and managed to walk out of the ring amidst applause from sports fans who wished the fighter a swift recovery and return to the ring to join the rest of the team.

First Day results:

The first day of the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship competitions witnessed great bouts between the players from all over the world participating in the big event. There were mixed results among the fighters:
Irishman Ilan Kennedy defeated Tajikistan's Tohir Sidov,
Kazakh Dastan defeated Bulgaria's Nukulya,
Brazilian Karos defeated Irishman Ronan,
Giacom defeated Mexican Rangroot,
Indian Shiva defeated Lebanese Rolandi,
Kazak Ozzas defeated Indian Akash,
French Morio defeated Panamanian David,
British Ben defeated Cypriot Sitvanus,
American Shaz defeated British Kerandeeb,
Kazak Nautilic defeated Spaniard Alvaro,
Albanian Florin defeated Italian Alessandro,
Kazakh Denislam defeated Azerbaijani Mohamed Alif,
Belarusian Arsim defeated South African Katsum,
Russian Vilari defeated Frenchman Sammy,
Australian Abzi defeated Swede Timurmalik,
Irishman Austin defeated Bulgarian Owen,
Frenchman Petach defeated Bulgariain Lundy,
American Jack defeated South African Shan,
Mexican Jonathan defeated American Orlando,
Finnish Huwail defeated Italian Francesco,
Frenchman Puma defeated Turkish Abdullah Mehit,
Spaniard Carlos defeated Indian Karishna,
Swede Hooger defeated Czech Thomas,
New Zealander Clarik defeated Indian Aniuring,
Azerbaijani Kazar defeated Polish Daniel,
American David defeated Lebanese Grogis,
Canadian Dylan defeated Lebanese Eli,
American Kutin defeated British Scott,
Irishman Kieran defeated Brazilian Vitor,
Panamanian Irland defeated Irish Joni,
Luxembourger Jossi defeated Russian Zida,
Austrian Bogdan defeated Finnish Kevin,
Bulgarian Vetarelli defeated Colombian Johann,
Australian Ethin defeated Jordanian Moataz,
New Zealander Oskel defeated Turkish Yildirim,
Irishman Jack defeated Polish Pioter
Czech Jacob defeated Kazakh Drakan,
Australian Cody defeated South African Sheldon,
Kazak Makir defeated Bulgarian Nikolai.

Ali Yaqoub loses to American Stevens

Yesterday's bouts saw mixed results for our players who began with the loss of Ali Yaqoub to American player Cyan Stevens in the afternoon. Despite the loss, optimism was present and the Bahrainis did not feel despair.

Mehmeedov starts victories

Morals rose with the wining of Gamzet Mehmeedov against Tajik Manushiker, Mehmeedov performed at distinct levels, and his strikes were focused to begin the harvesting victory in the first day of the competition amidst the interaction of the masses near the ring viewing the bout.

Abdul-Manaf grabs second win

The level of optimism soared in the third game with our talented player Abdal-Manaf Megadov in his meeting with Japanese hocky, amidst a huge development in the results and determination of our player Megadov, who tried to get a quick win thanks to his strong strikes and attempts to finish the game early.

Loss of Hamad Matar

Our teammate Hamad Matar lost to his Canadian rival Ali Wasiq, who presented a strong level in combat, and in which Matar was unable to win and fell victim to the Canadian player.

Nayef Fikri prepares for Italian Alessandro

Our player Nayef Fekri starred in his match against Alessandro and achieved an early win from the second round thanks to his strong blows, dropping his opponent more than once, punches in the face, high concentration, and avoiding the Italian's strikes.

Abbas Khan loses to American Benjamin

In our players' seventh game, our player Abbas Khan loss to American Benjamin in the third round, despite Khan's attempts to catch up with the results, the strikes of American Benjamin were faster and guaranteed him a win.

The Expo catching eyes

The Expo continued accompanying the events of the BRAVE International Combat Week by attracting visitors, In addition to the presence of the teams that spent most of their time there, the Expo includes a number of activities such as traditional dancing, and recreation area for children, in addition to various restaurants and sport shops.


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