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AGU showcases international research in medical computer simulation
04 : 44 PM - 18/11/2017
Manama, Nov. 18 (BNA): President of the Arab Gulf University (AGU), Dr Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Ohaly, inaugurated the first edition of the International Scientific Conference and Workshop on Biological and Medical Computer Simulation.
Organised by AGU, the event featured a wide participation of researchers and specialists from around the world to review the latest methods of Computer Simulation in biology and medicine.
In his opening speech, Dr Al-Ohaly said that AGU is organising this first of its kind event in the region to introduce the latest technologies in research, examination and diagnosis based on innovative methods. He indicated that computer simulation provides the opportunity to conduct accurate and complex research through the process of entering information in the computer and the formation of a default model of a member of the human body, allowing researchers to examine in depth.
“The aim of the simulation is to study the interaction of the different human body organs with the changes that occur by exposing them to different conditions processed by the computer so that we can conduct the experiment without the need for real members of the human, which reduces the risk of experiments,” he explained.
Dr Al-Ohaly said that researchers design default models of different organisms through computer simulation programmes and expose them to virtual mathematical processes to measure the results, adding that such techniques are very useful in advanced sciences such as complex genetic tests, testing the mechanism of the nervous system, the brain, according to different conditions.
During the conference, Radiology Professor Michael Vanier presented a paper on medical imaging, and how to show and manipulate images. Dr Vanier is the first to publish a scientific paper on how to reconstruct the three-dimensional collection of individual slices of CT scan on the human head in 1983. His scientific efforts has given a huge leap in this field, setting the foundation for further research in the field of 3D imaging, planning surgical operations in the mouth and jaws, nerve operations, and otolaryngology.

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