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Kuwait delivers more assistance in Yemen
01 : 01 PM - 03/01/2018
Riyadh, Jan. 3 (BNA): Kuwait has delivered 16 power generators to Yemen; the fourth batch for securing electricity for the health sector.

Yemeni Minister of Public Health Dr. Nasser Baoum expressed in a statement, on Tuesday, gratitude to the State of Kuwait for providing assistance to the medical sector; delivering medicines, equipment, ambulance vehicles, buses and various tools.

Kuwait has launched "Kuwait by your side" relief campaign to support the Yemeni people, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Meanwhile Al-Shaikh Abu-Ismail Al-Qurashi, the executive director of the Kuwaiti fund for aiding patients, said Kuwait has totally delivered 45 power generators to help keep services ongoing at the Yemeni medical facilities.

Al-Qurashi added that the power engines, provided by the Kuwaiti Relief Society, would be distributed in Aden and several governorates, where recurring and lengthy power outages have been affecting medical services.
Kuwait has provided various forms of aid to the Yemenis including food, water, heaters and blankets, KUNA reported.


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