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"Uprising in Iran will continue until regime overthrown": Rajavi tweeted
01 : 38 PM - 03/01/2018
Paris, Jan. 3 (BNA): Head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Maryam Rajavi said "the uprising in Iran will continue until the overthrow of the regime and bring about democracy," noting that "justice and prosperity, democracy and free elections are achieved only through such a path."

According to the Middle East News Agency - Rajavi tweeted on the social networking platform, Twitter, saying that "the ground was paved to overthrow the mullahs now, more than any other time and that the world heard the voice of the heroic Iranian people and will support it."

She called on the demonstrators "to continue their uprising, fair and square," asserting that "the dictatorship of the corrupt and elusive mullahs will be defeated, against the unity, national solidarity, resistance and steadfastness."

The President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran "saluted the souls of the dead and injured who have penetrated with all courage and dignity the ranks of the Guard," stressing that "this blood and pain will only increase the Iranian people determination and resolve."


BNA 0659 GMT 2018/01/03

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