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Commander-in-chief patronizes graduation ceremony
08 : 56 PM - 03/01/2018
Manama, Jan. 3 (BNA): The BDF Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, today at the Isa Royal Military College, presented military sciences diplomas to graduates of the12th batch of officer cadets – the Ahmed Al Fateh Brigade.

During the ceremony, the Commander-in-Chief’s anthem was played, and he was greeted by the cadet officers of the new session –the Al-Qadissiya Brigade.
Then, the members of the new session left, and graduates of the "Ahmed Al-Fateh" Brigade entered the field, where the commander-in-chief presented them with graduation certificates.
The commander-in-chief extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Supreme Commander, for his constant interest in the graduates and all BDF personnel, which, he said, has entitled the BDF to be a solid national force with high-level combat preparedness, and constant readiness to assume its patriotic duties of defending the homeland and safeguarding regional security and stability in the region, under various circumstances.

Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed praised HRH the Crown Prince’s constant follow-up on efforts to develop the BDF, hailing the Crown Prince’s attendance of the12th batch of officer cadets – the Ahmed Al Fateh Brigade, on behalf of HM the King, at the Isa Royal Military College.
The graduation of the 12th batch embodies HM King Hamad’s interest in strengthening the armed forces through a military approach based on putting in place the necessary requirements based on the present and future needs, in order to create a military force that is capable of protecting the nation and safeguarding its security and stability, the commander-in-chief said.
The Commander-in-chief expressed appreciation of the good efforts the Isa Royal Military College’s staff, commending the college’s role in preparing and graduating officers armed with military sciences and knowledge to keep up with military developments.
He wished the graduates success in carrying out their national duties, achieving the set military objectives and proving themselves as defenders of the homeland.


BNA 1722 GMT 2018/01/03

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