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"Iranians to determine own fate"
11 : 24 AM - 04/01/2018
Washington, Jan. 4 (BNA): Reza Pahlavi said "he wants to see Iranians determine their own fate out of their own free will." He praised US President Donald Trump and members of his cabinet "for speaking in support of Iranian protesters," according to Reuters.
"They also should take steps to ensure that Iranians have access to communication and social media tools, which they have used to share videos and messages documenting protests and clashes with security forces." "We need more than lip service. We need to see concrete actions," he said.

Pahlavi added "This has to be immediate ... As we speak, the regime is attempting yet again to try to shut down whatever it is, whether it’s Instagram or Telegram."


BNA 0812 GMT 2018/01/04

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