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Red Crescent Society participates in DIHAD
03 : 55 PM - 12/03/2018
Dubai, Mar. 12 (BNA): Bahrain Red Crescent Society (RCS) participated in Aid and Development Conference held in Dubai (DIHAD), focusing on the theme of "The Sustainability of Emergency Aid; The Intensifying Search for The Appropriate Strategies, Methodologies and Resources to meet The Global Humanitarian Challenges in the years ahead."
Secretary General Fawzi Abdullah Amin stressed keenness of the society to contribute in this conference which showcases new trends in operational support and supply services related to the humanitarian industry. This contribution aims to showcase local, regional and global humanitarian acts carried out by Bahrain RCS.

He stressed the value of DIHAD as a major forum to tackle humanitarian issues of common concern. He added "Participating in this conference is part of our society’s efforts to strengthen partnerships with organisations, associations and institutions concerned with addressing the needs of those affected by crises and disasters."

In this context, it enhances the role of DIHAD in bringing together leading humanitarian agencies and organisations to convene and exchange their experiences, discuss key humanitarian issues, and highlight the most important challenges facing crisis-stricken countries.

He pointed out the topics that are discussed at the conference concerning strategies, methodologies and resources to meet the global humanitarian challenges. He said the event is a platform to establish new ideas and approaches to meet key decision-makers, strengthen partnerships and get to know successful stories from other humanitarian organisations. He added it is a unique platform to set up supply channels for trade, export, manufacturing, emergency food, pharmaceuticals, housing and accommodation, solar energy, transportation and education.


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