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Metal detectorist finds rare 6th century coin pendant
London, Aug. 19 (BNA): A rare sixth century gold pendant created from a Byzantine coin has been found by a metal detectorist more than 1,500 years after it was made. The coin is imprinted with an image of Emperor Justinian and is thought to have been made in Constantinople, which is now Istanbul in Turkey.
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6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Tonga
Singapore, Aug. 19 (BNA): A 6.4 magnitude earthquake today struck the west of the Pacific island of Tonga, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) announced.
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Thirteen killed in Barcelona as van ploughs into crowd
Barcelona, Aug.17 (BNA): Twelve people have been killed and dozens injured after a van ploughed into a crowd of people on a pavement in a popular tourist area of Barcelona, the Spanish police announced.
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Japan to install land-based Aegis missile defense
Tokyo, Aug. 17 (BNA): Japan's Defense Ministry has decided to consider introducing a new US-made missile defense system known as "Aegis Ashore" in light of progress in North Korea's missile development, public broadcaster NHK reported.
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Vital food aid needed in Africa, Yemen
United Nations, Aug. 10 (BNA): In a session on "maintaining international peace and security", the United Nation Security Council has expressed its serious concern over famine that threatens more than 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia, southern Sudan and northeastern Nigeria.
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France: PSG buying Neymar not to let Qatar off terror-funding hook
Paris, Aug. 5 (BNA): Qatar is not off the hook from questions over possible terrorism financing, despite a record deal by Qatari-owned French football club Paris Saint-Germain to recruit Brazilian player Neymar, France's government spokesman said.
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UN notified of US intention to withdraw from Paris climate deal
Washington, Aug. 5 (BNA): The United Nations (UN) said it had been notified by the US on its intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, unless it identifies suitable terms for reengagement..
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President Putin to consider running for new term
Moscow, Aug, 4 (BNA): Russian President Vladimir Putin, today said that he would consider running for a new term in office next year.
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Security Council moves to thwart terrorists' access to weapons
United Nations, Aug. 3 (BNA): The Security Council has urged Member States to act cooperatively to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons and called upon them to counter threats posed by improvised explosive devices and to become party to related international and regional instruments.
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US president signs Iran sanctions into law
Washington, Aug. 3 (BNA): US President Donald J. Trump has signed into law a measure placing sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea, a White House official said Wednesday.
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