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Hotel Fire Kills 10 and Wounds 35 in China
Beijing, May 1. (BNA) -- Ten people were killed and were 35 wounded in in a hotel fire in northeastern China, local officials said.
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At least 67 dead as storms slash through southern states
Washington, April 28 (BNA) -- Severe storms pummeled Alabama and cut a path of destruction across several other southern states Wednesday, killing at least 67 people across the region, leveling buildings and trapping residents in their homes, CNN reported.
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South Korea Navy to Launch New Frigate This Week
Seoul, April. 27 (BNA) -- South Korea's Navy will launch this week a new frigate armed with guided missiles and a high-tech radar system as tensions remain high following North Korea's deadly attacks last year, Yonhap News Agency reported officials as saying Today.
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IQ is as much a measure of motivation as intelligence, study finds
London, April. 27 (BNA) -- A new study suggests that bribing your child during their IQ test would improve chances of getting higher scores. Scientists have shown that offering a financial reward for doing well can increase children scores by up to 20 points on the IQ scale.
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Bees' royal jelly secret revealed
London, April. 27 (BNA) -- There's more than one way to turn a commoner into royalty. Honeybees create queens by feeding their larvae royal jelly, the secret ingredient of which has now been identified.
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Moderate Earthquake Hits Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur, April. 27 (BNA) -- A moderate earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 on the Ritcher scale hit Indonesia at 5.43am today.
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Ivory Coast launches Gbagbo investigation - Ouattara
Abidjan, April. 27 (BNA) -- Ivory Coast's new president has said that an investigation has begun into alleged crimes committed by his predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo.
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6.3 Earthquake Strikes off Indonesia's Java Island
Jakarta, April 26. (BNA) -- A 6.3-magnitude earthquake today struck off the Indonesian island of Java, seismologists said, but no tsunami warnings were issues. The Indonesia's Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG said that there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, adding that the refinery near the hit areas did not stop working.
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Swedish town that wants nuclear waste
Stockholm, April. 26 (BNA) -- Like the energy source itself, it's the question that won't go away: what can be done with spent nuclear fuel? Sweden believes it has the answer. CNN news reported today that the plan is to bury the country's expected 12,000 tons of nuclear waste in corrosion-resistant copper canisters under 500 meters of crystalline bedrock. There it will remain isolated from human contact for at least 100,000 years.
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Twisty light tells left-handed molecules from right
London, April. 26 (BNA) -- A super twisty beam of light has been created that can distinguish between left and right-handed molecules with unprecedented precision. Molecules often come in mirror images that can have different properties, and researchers take advantage of this "chirality" to design new drugs. They sort left from right versions using circularly polarised light, whose electric field corkscrews through space in a left or right-handed direction. Unfortunately, the technique often fails when the light's coils are bigger than the molecules themselves.
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