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Blood stem cell bank to provide biological insurance for adults
London, June. 5 (BNA) -- A new research allows the freeze and store of stem cells as an "insurance policy" that could be used to treat diseases they develop in the future or even grow new organs. The Daily Telegraph website reported today that a service that extracts stem cells from adult blood and stores it has been given approval for the first time by the regulatory body the Human Tissue Authority. Until now it has only been possible to store stem cells for babies that have taken from umbilical cord and many parents have taken advantage of this to provide their children with the potential for stem cell treatments in the future.
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Russian President's Envoy to Hold Mediation Talks in Libya
Moscow, June 4. (BNA) -- Russian presidential Envoy on African Affairs Mikhail Margelov will arrive in the Libyan rebels’ stronghold, Benghazi, next June 6 and will meet with representatives of Libyan opposition. In a statement to Novo sty News Agency, Mikhail Margelov said that he will hold talks with the members of the National Transitional Council. Earlier this week, diplomatic sources quoted the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as saying that his country will send a "special envoy" to Tripoli and Benghazi to carry out a mediation mission in order to help solve the Libyan conflict.
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Ban Ki moon to Seek Another Term
New York, June 4. (BNA) -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki moon will formally announce Monday that he will seek a second five-year term at the head of the UN, U.N. diplomats revealed. Ban will Monday announce his intention to serve out another term during a press conference, added the same sources. U.N. diplomats say that it's all but certain that Ban, who faces no competition for the job, will easily be approved for a second term.
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3 Russian Navy Ships Cross Suez Canal
Moscow, June 3. (BNA) - Three Russian Navy’s Ships yesterday crossed the Suez Canal and set course for the Gulf of Aden.
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S. Korea expresses regret over N. Korea's claim on summit talks
Seoul, June.2 (BNA) -- South Korea expressed deep regret Wednesday after North Korea alleged that Seoul requested a series of summit talks with Pyongyang, calling the North's allegations a "unilateral claim" not worthy of a response.
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Wanderlust drove our female ancestors far from the home cave
London, June. 2 (BNA) -- Study suggests females roamed far and wide on reaching maturity whereas males stayed near their birthplace. Ancient forerunners of modern men stayed close to where they were born but paired up with females from far beyond their local stomping grounds, the new study claims.
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Hamas, Fatah leaders detained in West Bank
Nablus, June. 2 (BNA) -- Israeli forces detained three members of the Palestinian Legislative Council from the Hamas and Fatah blocs overnight, following raids on their homes in Nablus and Tulkarem, official sources said.
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Quake jolts Japan
Tokyo, June 2 (BNA) - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.7 jolted Niigata Prefecture in central Japan and its surrounding areas Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. According to Japan''s News Agency "Kyodo", there have been no immediate reports of injuries or major damage from the quake. The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture is operating normally after the quake.
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Babies at risk as girls fail to get enough iodine
UK-Study London, June. 2 (BNA) -- 70 per cent of schoolgirls aged 14-15 had levels below 100 micrograms per litre, or a mild deficiency. A generation of schoolgirls are growing up deficient in the vital mineral, iodine, putting their unborn children at risk, a study has found.
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French FM Arrives in Occupied Jerusalem
Occupied Jerusalem, June 2 (BNA) - French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe arrived in Occupied Jerusalem for a working visit during which he will deliver a message to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in Ramallah.
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