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Chavez is recovering from pelvic surgery
Havana, June 11 (BNA)--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba on Friday to treat an abscess in his pelvic area and is recovering, Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said.
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H. Clinton Is not Interested in the World Bank Presidency
Washington, June 10. (BNA) – The White House today denied media reports about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s interest in becoming President of the World Bank.
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Israeli Plan to Foil UN Recognition of a Palestinian State Uncovered
Occupied Jerusalem, June 10. (BNA) – Israeli has put forward a plan to thwart international recognition of Palestinian state next September, it was revealed here today. According to the Israeli daily "Haaretz", Foreign Affairs Ministry has started mobilizing its embassies for the battle against UN recognition of a Palestinian state in September, ordering its diplomats to convey that this would delegitimize Israel and foil any chance for future peace talks. Haaretz added that cables outlining the "battle plan" have been sent out to Israeli embassies over the past week, ordering all the country's diplomats to cancel any vacations planned for September.
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Israeli Premier to leave for Italy
Occupied Jerusalem, June 10 (BNA)—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will head to Rome next Sunday, accompanied by nine ministers, to meet his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi and to hold a joint meeting with the Italian cabinet.
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Karzai to Visit Pakistan
Kabul, June 9. (BNA) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai will tomorrow start a two-day visit to Pakistan where he will hold talks with his Pakistani counterpart Assif Ali Zardari.
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Israeli Products to Be Boycotted
Edinburgh, June 9. (BNA) -- One of the largest local councils in Scotland has issued a decision to boycott Israeli products in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
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Blair Calls for European President
London, June 9 (BNA) - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned the European Union that it must elect a leader or face being left behind by the world''s emerging economies. The former Labour party leader told The Times newspaper that unless the bloc adopted strong, collective leadership and direction, it would end up trailing in the wake of China, India and Brazil. Blair shrugged off public fears about more control passing into the hands of EU institutions and called for a shift in the perception of the bloc''s role from one as a peacemaker to one as a world superpower. "For Europe, the crucial thing is to understand that the only way that you will get support for Europe today is not on the basis of a sort of postwar view that the EU is necessary for peace," he argued.
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Afghanistan wedding party attack kills nine
Kabul, June 9 (BNA) -- Afghanistan wedding party attack kills nine people have been killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen on a wedding party in Afghanistan, officials say. The gunmen opened fire on a house in Dur Baba district in eastern Nangarhar province where a family was celebrating. No one has admitted carrying out the attack, BBC reported. A spokesman for the province said that the cousin of the groom was the chief administrator of the district.
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TEPCO to Test New Water Treatment System in Fukushima Crisis
Tokyo, June 9 (BNA) - Tokyo Electric Power Co. plans to begin testing a newly installed radioactive water treatment system at its troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Friday, to deal with the massive amount of contaminated water that has hampered crisis control, a government regulator said Thursday.
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IAEA to Ask Japan for Transparen​t Nuclear Report
Tokyo, June 9 (BNA) - The International Atomic Energy Agency will ask Japan to provide a more transparent report on the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. NHK World Radio Japan obtained the draft of a statement what will be announced at a meeting of ministers from IAEA member nations, scheduled to open on June 20th. The 4-page draft calls on Japan to accurately report the nuclear crisis and share its assessment with the world so that it can learn from the accident.
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